About Our Team

MV in-store artists - Copy

Meet our In-store Artists:  We are a small group of local artists who share ideas, rent, working duties and the appreciation for making something wanted out of the unwanted.   We each work a different day of the week, to staff our store, bring in new items and to greet you, our customers.  Here is who you will find when you enter our doors.

Amy - Copy

Meet Amy, she is our Monday Girl!

Amy can take anything and make it pretty, glamorous, and darling!  Amy has done everything from creating and selling her own scrapbooking items to making gift baskets and selling her wares at local markets.  Her love of being creative has led her to re-purposing furniture for the past three years.
Amy loves that she can take something discarded and turn it into something beautiful and wanted! Owning her own business has allowed her to stay home with her 2 boys and spend her days painting and creating.  Amy loves fishing, karaoke, cream puffs, scrapbooking, art, fashion, and design; she also admits to being an avid bargain shopper and thinks it should be considered a sport!  Amy has a knack for creating tablescapes which came out of her love(obsession) for shopping for dishes.  Amy’s space is packed full of girly items that have a touch of sophistication. Amy also loves her music and turns that love into artwork that she periodically creates for the store.
Swing by and say hello…you may just catch her belting out the tunes!

Lesley - Copy

Meet Lesley, our Tuesday Girl!

Lesley has a long-standing Artistic background from the memory of her parent’s oil painting to her B.A. in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, from Purdue University.  Lesley worked as a Graphic Designer until the birth of her 2 children, then went on to manage an art gallery and frame shop.  Lesley has lived in a few different states but gladly calls Ohio her home.   Lesley bought and sold Antiques for 15 years and set up her shop in 2 different antique malls.  She also ventured out and did antique shows for 2 years, until finding the perfect home at Modern Vintage.  Lesley’s portion of the shop is filled with repainted furniture, unique vintage finds, hanging lamps, re-purposed jewelry, and her one of a kind porcelain creations.  Lesley finds inspiration from the other artists at the shop and from hunting for the next great find to fill her space.  Lesley loves what she is doing now and is inspired to take an original vintage piece and create it have to her unique style.



Meet Donna, our Wednesday Girl!

Donna is one of our newest in-store artists.  You may know her already, she had her own store not far from us.  Donna has brought her talents and unique style to our store and we could not be happier to have her helping us fill our space.  Donna is a mother of three grown kids, grandmother of one, owner of Faded Velvet and wife to the most patient man on the planet.  Donna started by staging people’s homes for the” fun of it'” and was asked to pick colors and furniture for churches, homes, and businesses.      Fast-forward to when all the kids were out of the house and my husband pushed me to start selling my things at Antique Shows, Markets, and Antique stores.  She had a very humble beginning and now it has grown into  a full-fledged business that keeps her shopping, staging and collecting to fill her space with things that she loves and sometimes has a difficult time parting with.
You can find Donna online at these places: Blog and Facebook

dede - Copy

Meet DeDe, our Thursday Girl!

After spending twenty-two years working in a home decor retail management position, DeDe was able to leave the corporate world and stay at home with her 4 boys and pursue her own business, Designed Décor. DeDe runs a website about DIY and home décor where she writes about handmade items, decorating, baking, organizing, home projects, and everyday life.  DeDe discovered the world of blogging and it has completely transformed her life, this is what led her to begin painting and re-purposing furniture.  She loves taking discarded items and turning them into new and beautiful things. She draws inspiration from everyday life and loves to share her creativity and passions with those around her.
You can find DeDe online at these places: Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Charleigh Head shot

Meet Charleigh, our Friday Girl!

Charleigh never really thought of herself as very creative; she has had very scientific and fact based careers.  She has always been a problem solver but the older she got the more she realized she enjoys creative solutions rather than the standard logical choice.  As it turns out, fixing up broken furniture was right up her ally.  When she’s not sanding, sawing, or trying to find a misplaced screwdriver, she’s driving her 3 daughters to softball, piano or church clubs.  They remind her that you are never too old to try new things. Her husband and kids are her biggest fans and they have so graciously endured stubbing their toes on furniture that appears overnight, giving up the garage space (and the basement), wiping sawdust off their softball bags, and scrubbing paint splatter off the grill just so she can pursue her dream of making old things new again.

You can find Charleigh online at Facebook

tara - Copy


Meet Tara, our Saturday Girl!

Tara is the owner and the great mastermind behind Modern Vintage.  Having started at an early age peddling her childhood drawings out on the front lawn, Tara has always had a love for art, creating,
and the entrepreneurial spirit.  She began her endeavor into working as a full-time artist while in
the midst of a fourteen-year career in corporate management.  She started her career by creating gorgeous mosaic tables, trivets, picture frames…she even mosaic tiled a fire into her fireplace!  She sold on Etsy for a couple of years to build her business. From there, she progressed into painting picture frames and home accessories which she would group into collections.  Tara has an amazing treasure hunting Mom to search high and low for all of the fabulous vintage furniture and finds that she needed!  Within six months’ time, she was able to call it quits at her corporate job and focus solely on her art!  Tara credits those around her for the success of Modern Vintage…  without them; she says none of this would be possible.
Tara is a dreamer who has the drive and determination to go after her dreams.  She has a keen attention to detail when it comes to her work and the drive and motivation to when it comes to execution.
She is organized, hardworking, and has a heart of gold.  She is a loving friend, caring, considerate, and strives at creating this atmosphere in the shop. She is a very humble person and puts others first.   Tara appreciates her team’s gifts and talents and works right alongside them, nurturing and growing them as a team.  Tara is the CORE reason of why Modern Vintage is a joy to shop.

You can find Tara online at these places: Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Consignment Artists - Copy

We here at Modern Vintage also share our space with a few consigners.  These wonderfully talented people help us to fill our store with home decor, jewelry and more.

Jess S - Copy

Meet Jess S. don’t let this crafty gal’s pretty furniture fool you; she’s actually an insanely talented violinist by trade! Having played since the age of three, she received her degree in violin performance, and she also shares her talents as a full-time violin instructor through her Heartstrings program at the Chapel in Green!  You’ll also be surprised to hear that she plays in a rock band called Fir Hill…she’s available for weddings/graduations/parties and any event that needs and amazing musician to add to the mood!  Jess receives tons of support to be creative from her hubby!  Inspired by all things whimsical, she loves Alice In Wonderland, paper dolls, tea parties, shabby chic decor, and anything that sparkles!  She spends her free time working on her newly purchased century home located here in town…
which involves lots of shopping which she admits is a guilty pleasure!  Jess has been self-employed for most of her life. She loves the freedom of creating her own schedule around her musically artistic and visually artistic pursuits.


Tracey P

Meet Tracey P. Tracey is a published altered artist and digital designer living in Uniontown, OH. She sells her digital image kits online and her physical pieces at Modern Vintage.  Tracey specializes in restoring vintage photos and using them in her artwork.  When Tracey is not sitting on her computer creating her digital images, she scours flea markets and thrift stores for unique finds to use in her original artwork.  She truly believes in “upcycling” as much as possible, which means I can offer pieces at a lower cost AND they are all one of a kind.  You never know what will come out of her studio!   She loves to make holiday themed pieces and Halloween is her all time favorite!

You can find Tracey online in these places:  Shop and Facebook 









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